Panasonic TX-L50E6B 操作ガイド

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  How to Use eHELP
 [eHELP] is the detailed operating instructions built into the TV, and helps you to get more understanding of the 
operations for each feature.
 Display [eHELP]
 [Read first] will be displayed on the top page. Please read these instructions fully to get more understanding of 
the operation in [eHELP].
 If this is not the first time to view [eHELP] from when the TV is turned on, the confirmation screen is displayed 
to select whether [First Page] or [Last Page].
 Select the category and item
 Category field
 Item field
 Sub item field
    select category
    select item
    select sub item
 To return to the previous field
 To scroll the description (if more than 1 page)
 While the description is highlighted
 To display the menu related to the description (only for some descriptions)
 Before requesting service or assistance, please follow these simple guides to solve the problem.
 For more information, refer to [eHELP] (Support > FAQs).
 The TV does not switch on
 Check the mains lead is plugged into the TV and the socket outlet.
 The fuse in the mains plug may have blown. Replace it with one of an identical rating.   (p. 3)
 The TV goes into Standby mode
 Auto power standby function is activated.