Panasonic TX-L50E6B 操作ガイド

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 Other connections
  DVD player
 (COMPONENT equipment)
 DVD Player
  Camcorder / Game equipment
 (VIDEO equipment)
 Game equipment
  Amplifier (to listen with speakers)
 HDMI cable
 Amplifier with 
speaker system
 External equipment 
(DVD Player, etc.)
 Use HDMI2 for connecting an amplifier. This connection is applicable when using an amplifier that has ARC (Audio 
Return Channel) function.
 As for an amplifier without ARC function, use DIGITAL AUDIO.
 To enjoy the sound from the external equipment in multi-channel sound (e.g. Dolby Digital 5.1ch), connect the 
equipment to the amplifier. For the connections, read the manuals of the equipment and amplifier.
 (M3 stereo mini plug)
 To adjust volume
    [Headphone Volume] in the 
Sound Menu