Panasonic TX-L50E6B 操作ガイド

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VIERA Link (HDMI connection)
Use a fully wired HDMI compliant cable.
Connect the equipment supporting VIERA Link to the TV’s HDMI terminal 
via an HDMI cable.
About HDMI cable for connecting Panasonic HD Video Camera or LUMIX 
Camera, read the manual of the equipment.
  HDMI terminal
  HDMI cable
  Equipment with VIERA Link function (DIGA Recorder / DVD Player / Blu-
ray Disc Player / HD Video Camera / LUMIX Camera)
Available features (HDMI connection)
DIGA Recorder / DVD Player / Blu-ray Disc Player
Easy playback
Power on link
Power off link
Standby Power Save
Intelligent Auto Standby
VIERA Link Control
HD Video Camera / LUMIX Camera
Easy playback
Power on link
Power off link
VIERA Link Control
: For equipment which has “HDAVI Control 2 or later” function.
: For equipment which has “HDAVI Control 4 or later” function.