Panasonic TX-L50E6B 操作ガイド

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Common Interface
If the encrypted message is displayed on the screen, the correct Common 
Interface (CI) Module and smart card that are required for this service are not 
How to insert CI module and smart card
Turn the TV off with Mains power On / Off switch whenever inserting or 
removing the CI module.
If a smart card and a CI module come as a set, first insert the CI module, 
then insert the smart card into the CI module.
Insert or remove the CI module completely in the correct direction as 
Remove the CI module from the TV when placing the TV facing upward. 
This may cause damages to the CI module and CI slot.
= Note =
There might be some CI modules in the market with older firmware 
versions that do not work fully interoperable with this new CI+ v1.3 TV. In 
this case, please contact your content provider.