Panasonic TX-L50E6B 操作ガイド

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DVD Recorder / VCR and Set top box
  HDMI terminal
  HDMI cable
  Satellite receiver
  Satellite dish or terrestrial aerial
  AV1 (SCART) terminal
  SCART cable
  RF cable
SCART cable
  Terrestrial terminal
  RF cable
  DVD Recorder / VCR
For VIERA Link connections
= Note =
External equipment and cables shown are not supplied with this TV.
Please also read the manual of the equipment being connected.
Keep the TV away from electronic equipment (video equipment, etc.) or 
equipment with an infrared sensor, otherwise distortion of image / sound 
may occur or operation of other equipment may be affected.
When using a SCART or HDMI cable, it is recommended to use fully wired 
Check the terminal type and cable plugs are correct when connecting.