Panasonic TX-L50E6B 操作ガイド

ページ / 190
- 186 -
Optional accessories
Communication Camera
Communication Camera
–  This camera can be used in the video communication tool.
–  Depending on the area, this optional accessory may not be available. 
For details, consult your local Panasonic dealer.
Wall-hanging bracket
Wall-hanging bracket
Please contact your local Panasonic dealer to purchase the recommended 
wall-hanging bracket.
= Warning =
Using other wall-hanging brackets, or installing a wall-hanging bracket 
by yourself have the risk of personal injury and product damage. In order 
to maintain the unit’s performance and safety, be absolutely sure to ask 
your dealer or a licensed contractor to secure the wall-hanging brackets. 
Any damage caused by installing without a qualified installer will void your 
Carefully read the instructions accompanying optional accessories, and be 
absolutely sure to take steps to prevent the TV from falling off.
Handle the TV carefully during installation since subjecting it to impact or 
other forces may cause product damage.
Take care when fixing wall brackets to the wall. Always ensure that there 
are no electrical cables or pipes in the wall before hanging bracket.
To prevent fall and injury, remove the TV from its fixed wall position when it 
is no longer in use.