Panasonic TX-L50E6B 操作ガイド

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To the next day (DVB)
To view a channel list of the selected type
1)  Display the type list with 
2)  Select the type with   /   and press 
 to view
–  Ireland only
To search programme titles and view a list of the searched programmes 
(DVB) (UK only)
1)  Display the search list with 
2) Select 
 with   /   and press 
 to access
3)  Enter characters with   /   /   /   and press 
 to set
–  You can set characters using numeric buttons.
4) Press 
 (green) to start searching
–  All the programme titles including the word you set will be listed.
–  Searching without any characters will list all programmes including 
current programmes.
To view a channel list of the selected category
1)  Display the category list with 
2)  Select the category with   /   and press 
 to view
–  To list favourite channels, set 
Favourites Edit
To view more details of the programme (DVB)
1)  Select the programme with   /   /   / 
2) Press   to view
–  Press again to return to TV Guide.
To exit TV Guide
= Note =
When this TV is turned on for the first time, or the TV is switched off for 
more than a week, it may take some time before TV Guide is completely 
DVB and Analogue channels are displayed on the same TV Guide screen. 
 means DVB channel and 
 means Analogue channel. There will be no 
programme listings for Analogue channels.