Panasonic TX-L50E6B 操作ガイド

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Digital text service
Digital text services (MHEG) differ greatly from analogue teletext.
When you switch to a digital text service, the images you see can contain 
graphics and text, laid out and controlled in a manner decided by the 
1.  Select DVB with 
DVB programmes may have digital text services (MHEG).
2.  Switch to a digital text service with 
How to operate services
In all cases, it is possible to navigate the pages using buttons on the remote 
control, but because the commands available must apply to all manufacturers 
of digital equipment, some on-screen commands may not correspond exactly 
to the remote control buttons.
To exit a digital text service
= Note =
As soon as you switch to a digital channel with links to a digital text 
service, software is downloaded in the background over air to enable the 
teletext function. This means that when switching to a digital channel, you 
should wait for approximately 5 seconds before pressing 
 - this will 
allow the software to be downloaded. If you press 
 before download 
is complete, it will be ignored and you will have to press 
 again when 
the download is complete.
While navigating digital text service, you will find there is a short delay 
when moving between pages while the page downloads. There is often a 
prompt shown on the page (for example “Loading”) to let you know that 
this is happening.