Panasonic TX-L50E6B 操作ガイド

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Auto Setup
Automatically retunes the channels received in the area.
This function is available if channel tuning is already performed.
Only the selected mode is retuned. All the previous tuning settings are 
If Child Lock PIN number has been set, the PIN number is required.
If tuning has not been done completely, set 
Manual Tuning
DVB, Analogue channels
1. Select 
Auto Setup
 with   /   and press 
 to access
2.  The confirmation screen is displayed and press 
 to start 
Auto Setup
(Settings are made automatically)
When the operation is completed, the channel at the lowest position will 
be displayed.
Auto Setup using the buttons on the TV
1.  Press and hold INPUT/OK/HOLD for MENU button for 3 seconds to 
display the menu
2. Set 
Auto Setup
 with following control panel buttons
Move the cursor / select from a range of options / select the menu item 
(up and down only)
Access the menu / store settings after adjustments have been made or 
options have been set with INPUT/OK/HOLD for MENU button.