Panasonic TX-L50E6B 操作ガイド

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Update Channel List
By updating the DVB channel list, you can add new channels, delete removed 
channels or change channel names and positions automatically.
The channel list is updated while keeping your settings in 
Favourites Edit
Channel List
Child Lock
, etc.
Depending on the signal condition, the update may not work properly.
New Channel Message
Selects whether to give a notification message when a new DVB channel is 
found or not.
When a notification message appears, you can perform 
Update Channel 
Signal Condition
Selects a channel and checks the signal condition.
A good Signal Strength is not an indication of suitable signal for DVB 
Use the Signal Quality indicator as follows.
–  Green bar: Good
–  Yellow bar: Poor
–  Red bar: Bad (Check the terrestrial aerial)
Vertical lines show the maximum signal value of the selected channel.
To change the channel
For DVB mode