Nikon Coolpix W300 オーナーマニュアル

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Recording the Log of Movement Information
Starting Log Recording
Use the multi selector 
HI to select 
the type of log to record, and press the 
k button.
• Start all logs: Location, altitude, and water depth 
logs are recorded.
• Start location log: A location log is recorded.
• Start depth log: A water depth log is recorded.
Select the intervals of log recording, 
and press the 
k button.
• The intervals that can be set vary depending on 
the type of log that is recorded.
Select the duration of the log recording, 
and press the 
k button.
• The time that can be set varies depending on the 
type of log that is recorded.
• Log recording starts. Press the d button to exit 
the menu.
• D is displayed on the shooting screen during 
log recording (
• Log recording automatically ends when the specified time elapses, and the log data 
is temporarily recorded on the camera. Save the log data on a memory card when 
log recording is complete (
Recording the Log of Movement Information
Press the 
d button M z menu icon M Create log M k button
Create log
Star t all logs
End all logs
Star t location log
End location log
Star t depth log
End depth log
Log interval
15 s
30 s
1 min
3 min
5 min
10 min
Start log
Log data for next 6 hrs
Log data for next 12 hrs
Log data for next 24 hrs
Log data for next 72 hrs