Zvox SoundBase 570 オーナーマニュアル

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“TV base” position
Shelf position
Place the SoundBase 
on stable, flat surface. 
Ensure all components 
are stable and secure.
Optical Audio Output
Connect one end of 
an optical digital cable 
to the TV’s Audio Out 
optical jack. 
With an optical digital 
audio connection, you 
should hear the TV 
sound through the 
SoundBase with the 
SoundBase volume set 
to 12-15.
If you don’t hear sound 
or if you did not use 
an optical connection, 
press the INPUT button 
on the SoundBase re-
mote control to select 
the correct input.
SoundBase’s Optical 
Audio Input #1
Connect the other end 
of the optical cable  
to the SoundBase’s 
optical input jack #1.
Connect the AC 
power cord to  
the back of the  
SoundBase. Leave 
the Power Switch in 
“Off”. Then insert the 
AC plug into an AC 
power receptacle.
Flip on the Power.
Connect to  
Optical Audio  
Output of TV.
Connect to  
Optical Audio 
Input of  
Confirm you hear 
TV sound through 
the SoundBase.
RCA Jack Analog  
Audio Out  
A red/white pair of RCA jacks  
on the back of the TV labeled 
OUTPUT. Do not connect to 
RCA jacks labeled INPUT.
Coaxial Digital  
Audio Output
(Single RCA jack,  
may be orange)
Any cable with an RCA plug 
at each end can be used.
“Minijack” Analog 
Audio Out  
Some TVs use a minijack 
output or headphone jack. 
Do not use a minijack  
labeled INPUT
Position the 
Connect the 
power cord.
or the front panel.
Back of SoundBase
Back of SoundBase
Back of SoundBase
Input 1
Input 1
Input 1—digital (optical jack)
Input 3—digital (coaxial jack)
Input 2—digital (optical jack)
Input 4—analog (RCA jacks)
Input 5—analog (RCA jacks)
Input 6—analog (front minijack)
Bluetooth device
870/770/670/570 Quick Setup
Other Possible TV Audio Outputs
Select the TV input using 
the remote control
Back of SoundBase
Back of TV
Back of SoundBase
AC Power  
Back of TV
Back of TV
Back of TV

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