ZTE Corporation 008Z ユーザーズマニュアル

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TIPS: Market applications can also be removed by going to the 
Downloads page in Market, selecting the unwanted 
application, and tapping Uninstall
Moving an Application to or from the Memory 
You can move the applications downloaded or installed on 
your phone to the memory card when the phone memory is 
full. You can also move applications to your phone if the 
memory card is getting full. 
NOTE: Not all applications can be move to your phone or 
memory card.   
1. Tap 
Home Key > 
  > Settings > Applications > 
Manage applications. 
2.  Tap the application you want to move on the 
Downloaded tab. 
3. Tap 
Move to phone or Move to SD card
Managing Other Settings 
Search Settings 
You can manage search settings and search history by 
tapping Home Key > 
  > Settings > Search
Google Search Settings 
• Show web suggestions: Tick the check box to allow