Prima Games Alone in the Dark, EN 0761556508 ユーザーズマニュアル

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When the soil of Manhattan was sealed beneath steel and concrete, it wasn’t in the name of progress. It was in the hopes of survival. 
Buried under the sidewalks that grid the island and the streets that guide taxis from Wall Street to the Bronx is an evil older than 
the feeble human concept of time. And now that evil is pushing through the strata of cobblestones and asphalt to take hold of the 
surface. Tendrils of evil crack the streets, overturning taxis as if they were playthings. Skyscrapers are buckling as the unstable wall 
between this world and the unspeakable beyond starts to give. And something has taken over the unfortunate citizens, turning them 
into slavering zombies capable of terrifying violence.
The City that Never Sleeps is facing an unending nightmare. 
What New York needs right now is a savior, somebody with the skills and knowledge to not only push back against this 
evil, but also to extinguish it for the remainder of days. That mantle falls on an unlikely hero: Edward Carnby. But Edward is at a 
disadvantage. He has no idea who he is. He has no clue about his true role in this eruption of evil. All he knows, when he wakes 
from a strange slumber, is that two men are holding him hostage in a midtown hotel. Through bleary eyes and muddled ears, he 
knows something is very wrong. Whatever these two men have done, whatever they are responsible for, the situation has escaped 
their clutches and taken control of its own destiny.
If the sun is ever to rise over the city again, Edward must 
cut to the source of this evil. He must be ready for every answer 
to spawn more questions. Who is he? What happened to his 
memories? Why is there a scar on his face? 
What does an ancient stone have to do with 
this chaos? And, fi nally, why does this trail 
of terror lead to the heart of Central Park, 
the oasis of lush greenery in the heart of the 
busiest city in America? Just what is down 
there, buried under centuries of earth and 
stone? And can it even be stopped?
What Edward can be certain of, though, is that he is 
now somehow expendable. And the two captors are about 
to dispense with him up on 
the roof of the hotel. Edward’s 
rescue comes in an unexpected 
form. Monsters are monsters 
by nature—they feed off chaos. 
They cannot be controlled. 
And whatever these men have 
wrought, it quickly turns against 
them. The fi ssures that are 
starting to rip the city apart consume one of the men whole, swallowing him like 
a shark might gulp down a tuna. No mercy. Edward knows that’s not going to be 
enough to save his skin. Or the city. He must stumble through the madness overtaking 
Manhattan and connect with the only sympathetic fi gure he knows in this entire horror 
show: Theo. Is he a paranormal expert? Just a museum curator? Or is he working with 
Edward’s former captors? That’s a risk Edward must take if he wants the truth.