Prima Games Alone in the Dark, EN 0761556508 ユーザーズマニュアル

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Combining items 
to create new 
weapons is not 
only important 
for fi ghting back 
the advancing 
horror, but it’s 
also just a lot 
of fun. You could experiment in the game to come up with 
new recipes, but why risk ruining items? Here are some surefi re 
weapon recipes to get your creative juices fl owing:
Fire Bullets: 
Combine fuel with your gun to create these fi ery 
rounds. If you can shoot one of the Humanz right in the fi ssure 
with a fi re bullet, you can take it out with just a single shot. You 
must combine fuel with each clip of bullets. If you run out of fi re 
bullets, you will just have regular bullets the next time you reload.
Molotov Cocktail: 
Stick either a handkerchief or bandage in 
the top of a fuel-fi lled bottle. Now, put the Molotov in one hand 
and lighter in the other. Light the Molotov and throw it. If you 
are using a glass bottle, the Molotov will explode on contact, 
spreading burning alcohol everywhere. If you use a plastic bottle, 
Edward has some latent special powers that he can awaken while fi ghting evil. While exploring Central Park, the epicenter of the 
horror consuming the city, you will discover special roots pushing through the ground or walls. These roots appear on the maps as 
fuzzy circles full of what looks like the white noise you see on your television at 3 a.m. When you step into the zone surrounding the 
root, your view goes askew. Things get blurry. Wavy. And it will not clear up until you destroy the root in the immediate area. Every 
time you destroy one of these roots, Edward gains Spectral Vision. The more roots you destroy (you must burn them), then stronger 
this power becomes.
Spectral Vision allows you to see what should be unseen. Your fi rst taste of this 
power allows you to close your eyes and see a faint hint of the fi ssures on the monsters. 
(To close your eyes, click down the right control stick. Each “click” is a blink.) While 
your eyes are closed, you can see the fi ssures well enough to take a shot at them. If you 
have fi re bullets, this is a great way to pick off enemies with a single shot. As your 
power grows stronger, though, the fi ssures appear much brighter. Eventually, you will 
see them with your eyes open, making it much easier to take out your enemies.
There are lots of roots in Central Park. After completing certain events in your 
adventure, more of these roots appear on your map. You do not need to eliminate all 
of them to complete the game, but you must take out enough of them to improve your 
Spectral Vision to the degree you can see fi ssures and secret symbols. Secret symbols? 
Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Wouldn’t want to spoil any surprises right off 
the bat.
the Molotov will bounce off a wall or monster and not explode 
until the wick burns down. This is useful for throwing a bomb into 
a tight space and then making a getaway before it goes off.
Sticky Bomb: 
Put double-sided tape on a plastic bottle fi lled 
with fuel. Throw the bottle against a wall or monster. It will stick. 
Now, back away and shoot the bottle to make it explode. You 
cannot use a glass bottle for this weapon—it will just shatter 
on impact.
Sticky Molotov:
 Use double-sided tape on a Molotov cocktail 
made from a plastic bottle. Light the wick and throw it against a 
surface or a creature. When the wick burns down, it will explode 
and damage whatever it’s touching—and whatever is around it.
Glowstick Bomb: 
No material for a wick? Wrap a bottle with 
double-sided tape and attach a glowstick to it. Throw the bottle. 
When it hits a surface, the glowstick will snap and the chemical 
reaction will ignite the makeshift bomb.
This is a particularly devious weapon. Tape a box of 
bullets to a fuel-fi lled bottle or a Molotov cocktail. Throw the 
bottle. When the bottle explodes (either on impact or when the 
wick runs down, depending on whether you used a plastic or 
glass bottle), the explosion sets off the bullets. The exploding 
bullets create a huge blast radius, damaging everything within 
several meters. That includes you, though, so make sure you put 
some serious distance between you and this weapon.