Zebra MK3000 MK3000-A30PZ0GWTWR プリント

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SPECifiCation SHEEt 
connect with your customers with the slim and cost-effective MK3000. 
in your retail store, you can connect with customers at the point of 
decision, driving customer service quality and basket size up. in your 
hotel, you can provide guests with speedy check-in, on-demand access 
to an electronic concierge and many other value-add services.
Give your customers a new level of service that will keep them 
returning to your establishment and spreading the word to family  
and friends — with the Motorola MK3000 Micro Kiosk.
tHE Motorola  
MK3000 MiCro KioSK
affordablE all-in-onE MiCro KioSK for rEtail, HoSPitality and MorE
launch easy-to-use intuitive applications in record time.  
The 8 in./20.32 cm WVGA touchscreen display allows you to 
create graphic-rich visuals that easily guide users through 
applications. support for Windows cE and a multitude 
of other standard development environments minimize 
development time.
fast and easy installation. 
Easily connect to your existing 
wireless or wired LAN. With a slim profile and standard VEsA 
mounting, the MK3000 is easy to mount on shelves, walls, 
tables, end caps and more — so you can add self-service 
functionality without sacrificing crucial facility footage.
add whatever you need — from memory to peripherals.
Three user-accessible UsB ports allow you to customize 
the MK3000 to meet your business needs. Add memory for 
demanding applications. A printer to allow customers to print  
a receipt, gift registry and more. A magnetic stripe reader  
to allow self-checkout. A keyboard simplifies data entry.
Use mobile bar codes to build a stronger and more 
personal relationship with your customers. 
 since you 
can scan electronic bar codes on a computer screen, you can 
connect to the one personal device that is nearly always in 
the hands of your customers —their mobile phone (requires 
2D imager). The result is convenience and value. Loyalty 
cards, coupons, boarding passes and more are on hand all the 
time, helping customers save time and money. 
Promote usage inside your establishment. 
since it’s easy 
to attach and change signage on the MK3000, you can draw 
attention to your MK3000s, as well as provide benefit and 
how-to-use information to entice customers into using them.
Get the most advanced scanning technology.
  Both our 
imager and laser options provide a quality experience, able 
to capture scratched, dirty and poorly printed bar codes with 
lightning speed — first time, every time.
Superior durability and reliability. 
Whether you choose a 
1D/2D imager or a 1D laser scan engine, you can count on a 
rugged design that is built to last.
never a need to align bar code and scanner. 
illumination enables omnidirectional scanning — no need for 
customers to align bar code with scanner (imager only).
Easily manage your entire MK3000 devices solution.
Manage your MK3000 devices and their attached peripherals 
— including printers and magnetic stripe readers — all from 
a single console. stage, update, monitor and troubleshoot 
devices anywhere in the world from a central location, 
substantially reducing the largest cost of any mobility 
solution — everyday management.
Connect to your customers instantly with push-to-talk.  
With support for voice and Motorola’s Total Enterprise 
Access Mobility (TEAM) solution, your customers can 
simply press a button to instantly reach any worker carrying 
practically any mobile device — from a Motorola two-way 
radio and mobile computer to popular smartphones. 
Unique all-inclusive service plan for extra low support 
 service from the start Advance Exchange support 
covers normal wear and tear as well as internal and external 
components damaged through accidental breakage for both 
device and select accessories.
WHat Can tHE  
MK3000 do for  
yoUr bUSinESS?
•  Price check
•  inventory check
•  Gift card purchase/ 
•  Digital advertising 
•  Loyalty points 
•  in-store pickup of 
web-based orders
•  Mobile bar code support
•  Large ticket item  
sales support
•  coupon printing
•  call for assistance
•  Guided selling
•  Merchandise locator
•  cD preview
•  Digital signage 
•  Time clock
•  Work schedules
•  Task management
•  Medication administration
•  Patient administration
•  Hotel room guest portal
•  Electronic concierge
iMProvE CUStoMEr SErviCE and SalES  
WitH riCH SElf-SErviCE oPtionS