Spectralink MOG711 プリント

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Open Application Interface (OAI) System Overview  
The Spectralink Open Application Interface (OAI) enables 
third-party applications to send and receive real-time text-based 
messages and alerts using Spectralink
wireless telephones. This 
unique two-way functionality enables mobile users to rapidly 
respond to non-voice messages, thereby reducing decision-making 
time and increasing productivity throughout the workplace.
Spectralink allows third-party applications to communicate to 
Spectralink wireless telephones via the Spectralink OAI Gateway. 
The OAI Gateway provides access to the handset’s status and 
control features including display, keypad, icons and ringer. With 
OAI, users can receive and retrieve important information from 
external systems such as nurse call systems, email applications, 
HVAC systems, ERP databases and security systems. In order to 
meet the diverse needs of our customers, Spectralink partners with 
experienced systems integrators and independent software 
vendors who utilize OAI to deliver complete messaging solutions. 
Additionally, prepackaged solutions are available for specific 
applications including directory services, nurse call systems, 
inventory access and alarm control systems.
OAI System Capabilities  
Text-based Messaging 
Receive text alerts while on a voice call. A tone indicates 
incoming text messages for discreet notification without ending 
the call. Integrate with email, scheduling, or paging systems to 
give mobile employees access to critical information.
Voice Response 
Respond to text messages by initiating a call on the Spectralink 
wireless telephone to instantly call co-workers, managers, doctors 
or customers.
Data Access 
Direct access to timely database information such as inventory 
status, price quotes or class schedules directly.
Instant Group Messaging 
Send text messages instantly to a group of handsets or simply 
share information with several users.
Message Escalation 
Escalate critical text messages manually or automatically. 
Inbound requests are either manually forwarded to other specific 
users or automatically forwarded using pre-defined escalation 
paths and rules.
Remote Control  
Use Spectralink wireless telephones as remote control devices to 
turn lights on or off, cancel alarms or reset the temperature on air 
conditioning units.
Spectralink Open Application
Interface Gateway 
Messaging for Spectralink Wireless Telephones
•  Priority text messaging
•  Direct response from users 
•  Escalate and/or forward requests
•  Command and central capabilities
•  Audible alerts
•  Group messaging