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About ShoreTel
ShoreTel is a provider of business communication solutions whose brilliantly simple unified 
communications platforms, applications and mobile UC solutions promise a new rhythm of 
workforce engagement and collaboration. With costly complexity eliminated by design from 
its award winning, all-in-one IP phone system, UC and contact center solution, and its industry 
leading hosted business phone system, workers enjoy a freedom and self-reliance that other 
providers can’t match. Users have full control to engage and collaborate, no matter the time, 
place or device, for the lowest cost and demand on IT resources in the industry. ShoreTel is 
headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, and has regional offices and partners worldwide.  
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ip phone 115:
 A cost-effective, single-
line phone that is ideal for open areas 
including lobbies, visitor offices, 
classrooms and dorm rooms. It offers six 
feature keys for common operations, a 
one-line display that shows caller ID, date 
and time, plus a two-way speakerphone 
for hands-free calling. 
ip phone 110:
 A cost-effective, single-
line phone that is ideal for open areas 
including lobbies, visitor offices, 
classrooms and dorm rooms. It offers 
six feature keys for common operations, 
a one-line display that shows caller ID, 
date and time, and a speaker for one-way 
intercom communication.
programmable button box
ip phone BB 24:
 Features at-a-glance 
presence information and fast, one-button 
feature access and is the only IP-based 
button device on the market. Buttons 
can be customized and self-labeling keys 
eliminate paper labels. Also includes 
an Ethernet switch and provides Power 
Over-Ethernet (PoE) forwarding for one 
downstream device. The BB 24 can be 
used with selected models of ShoreTel IP 
cordless phone
ip phone 930d:
 This three-line phone 
combines the capabilities of the IP Phone 
230 with in-building mobility. Using 
DECT technology, these handsets and 
corresponding base and repeater units 
enable receptionists, retail store staff, 
facilities managers and other employees 
of small to mid-side enterprises to remain 
connected while roaming freely through 
their workplace.
conference phone
ip phone 655:
 This telephone with its 
advanced microphone technology 
is ideally suited for small to medium 
conference rooms when deployed with 
optional extension microphones. Users 
can access the full telephony feature set 
as well as directory information in the 
conference room.