Prexiso P20 PREXISO P20 プリント

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Laser Distance Meter 
The Prexiso P20 laser distance meter measures distances 
of up to 20 meters quickly and accurately. Laser technology 
allows instant and dependable measuring of distances and 
heights at a press of a button. The easy-to-use Prexiso P20 
provides great support for those working on interior 
finishing and DIY projects. The Prexiso P20 comes in 
handy when traditional measuring methods fail to deliver 
quick and dependable results. Accurate and fast laser 
technology, one-man operation and the ability to measure 
even in cluttered spaces are only some of the advantages 
of the Prexiso P20 over a meter stick, measuring tape and 
ultrasonic device. Additionally, the Prexiso P20 offers an 
adding and subtracting function which speeds up the 
measuring process, and a tracking function, which allows 
continuous measuring until the desired value is found. All 
these features are highly valuable for those who need to 
measure quickly, easily and accurately. 
Easy and quick laser measuring! 
Compact design 
Fits perfect in your hand! 
Offers more than just measuring 
Additional functions included: addition, subtraction, tracking 
Laser technology inside 
Measure like a professional with laser-precision, even in 
cluttered surroundings! 
Clear display 
The intermediate and final results are shown in the 
2-line display 
Measure like a professional 
Range up to 20 m 
Typical accuracy ± 3 mm