Zhone TNE1584 TNE1584-S-AC プリント

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8 Port T1 Network Extender
TNE1584-P, TNE1584-S, TNE1584-KIT
Enables providers to
deliver Ethernet to
anywhere that can be
served by T1 or Fractional
T1 circuits
operation ensures
simplicity and
cost-effective Ethernet
over WAN connections
without truck rolls
Automatic load balancing
and fail-over on bonded
ports for optimum
throughput and
Metro Ethernet Forum
(MEF 9/14) Certified for
EVPL and E-LAN services
Environmentally hardened
and NEBS Level 1 Certified
Full support for
Multimedia Traffic
Management, providing
sophisticated IP QoS and
application-aware traffic
CLI, SNMP, and
Web-based Management
Eight Port Loop Bonding T1 Network Extender
Part of Zhone's EtherXtend product family, the TNE1584 allows Carriers,
ISPs and PTTs to deliver Ethernet services to virtually anywhere, using
standard T1 or Fractional T1 circuits. The TNE1584 offers up to 12Mbps
of extremely reliable and efficient Ethernet service over the WAN,
delivering the bandwidth required to support a sophisticated new
generation of small and medium business customers. 
Because the TNE1584 uses standard T1, it can go almost anywhere, and
because it uses Ethernet instead of ATM or Frame Relay, it's ready to
support 100% of the high-demand IP applications—including video
conferencing, digital video surveillance, IP telephony and more. It is uses
Ethernet for all data transport, and is optimized for the delivery of
Internet Protocol (IP) traffic. 
The TNE1584 features eight (8) T1 ports, each capable of up to 1.5 Mbps
bandwidth, and an integrated 4-port 10/100 Ethernet Switch. When used
with a compatible product, any or all of the eight ports may be used
together to deliver increased bandwidth at any given distance. The loop
bonding technology used is automatic, efficient and resilient, providing
configuration-free deployment and a greater total throughput than
traditional T1 circuits.
The TNE1584 can be used in pairs with any other Zhone Ethernet T1
product, including T1 Network Extenders, the MALC multi-service BLC,
and the 12000/4000 series of IP DSLAMs. Either way, the TNE1584
supports important Ethernet features such as 802.1Q VLANs, Built-in
security features, and the advanced QoS and traffic control features that
come with Zhone's Multimedia Traffic Management.