Vixen Giant ARK プリント

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Vixen Quality Porro Prism Giants 
This is Vixen’s brand new design which incorporates only the highest quality optics, 
coatings and waterproofing techniques. Complete with professional case, caps and 
straps. They all feature: 
Waterproof (Nitrogen Filled) 
Multi-coated Optics 
BaK4 Prisms 
Twist-up Rubber Eyecups 
Long Eye-Relief 
Photo tripod ready and balance adjustment rail
Giant 12X80 Waterproof
This model offers an awesome 80mm light-gathering power 
with a great 4.1° field-of-view for this binocular series. Great 
for picking out those faint-fuzzies in the sky and sweeping 
the Milky Way.  
Model # BG-GW-1455            Weight: 2.39 kg / 5.3 lbs
Giant 16X80 Waterproof
This model is an excellent compromise between 
magnification power and field-of-view. At 16x magnification, 
it can still garner an amazing 4.3° field-of-view. 
Model # BG-GW-1456            Weight: 2.39 kg / 5.3 lbs
Giant 20X80 Waterproof
For observers that desire higher power and great light-
gathering ability, these 20x magnification models will do the 
trick through a 3.5° field-of-view. 
Model # BG-GW-1457            Weight: 2.39 kg / 5.3 lbs
Giant 30X80 Waterproof
Our highest power model is for those who need to get closer to the 
Moon, planets and things of nature. At a whooping 30x 
magnification, this giant offers a surprisingly wide 2.3° field-of-
Model # BG-GW-1458            Weight: 2.39 kg / 5.3 lbs