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Gainward Hollywood@Home™ 
Portable TV/ Video Viewing and Recording 
Not much bigger than a typical USB thumb 
drive, TV2GO is the best solution to turn your 
notebook PC into an entertainment center. With 
built-in mini TV tuner and 480 Mbps high speed 
USB 2.0 interface, TV2GO allows you to view 
video or TV show directly on your notebook or 
High Quality MPEG-1/MPEG-2 Recording 
TV2GO can be used to 
record Video or TV 
show in DVD quality. 
With bundled MPEG-1/ 
Encode software, you 
can easily record your 
favorite Video or TV 
program. You can use 
MPEG editor to edit it 
and burn it into DVD 
by using DVD Maker . 
TV Remote Control 
TV2GO includes a 28-
key card type remote 
control. It is as 
convenient as using a 
regular TV remote control. 
No Power Adapter needed 
TV2GO dose not need any external power source at all. The low p ower 
consumption design allows TV2 GO to use USB bus power. 
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