Telus Cell Phone M3902 ユーザーズマニュアル

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M3904 Model 
Feature keys 
Handsfree Key and LED   
Volume up/down  
Navigation Keys 
Other Keys 
Hold:  To place a call on hold.  Press the Line key to retrieve the call. 
Goodbye:  Hangs up a call.  Typically used when not using the handset. 
Mute:  When using the Handsfree feature or when using the handset, to mute yourself out.  You can still hear 
your party but they can not hear you.  The LED indicates when Mute is active. Press Mute again to deactivate it – 
the LED will go out. 
Headset:  To initiate or to receive a call with a headset plugged into the headset port. 
Options:  The Options key allows you to customize features on your telephone set.  It is used in conjunction with 
the Navigator keys and screen prompts step you through the procedures.  The user guide details all the features 
that can be accessed. 
Message:  Press this key to call your voice mail system to retrieve your messages. 
Directory:  Used to view a list of calls coming to or from the telephone (call log) and to maintain a directory of 
frequently called numbers (up to 100 entries).  The Navigation keys are used to scroll through the entries.  The 
Quit and Copy keys are also used with Directory. The user guide describes the feature in detail. 
App:  The Application key is used for any optional accessories.