Behringer Xenyx 502 オーナーマニュアル

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XENYX 1202/1002/802/502 User Manual
1.  Introduction
XENYX Mic Preamps
The microphone channels feature high-end XENYX Mic Preamps that 
compare well with costly outboard preamps in terms of sound quality 
and dynamics and boast the following features:
130 dB dynamic range for an incredible amount of headroom
A bandwidth ranging from below 10 Hz to over 200 kHz for crystal-clear 
reproduction of even the finest nuances
The extremely low-noise and distortion-free circuitry guarantees absolutely 
natural and transparent signal reproduction
They are perfectly matched to every conceivable microphone with up to 
60 dB gain and +48 volt phantom power supply
They enable you to use the greatly extended dynamic range of your 
24-bit/192-kHz HD recorder to the full, thereby maintaining optimal 
audio quality
“British EQ”
The equalizers used for the XENYX Series are based on the legendary circuitry of 
top-notch consoles made in Britain, which are renowned throughout the world 
for their incredibly warm and musical sound character. Even with extreme gain 
settings these equalizers ensure outstanding audio properties.
We should like to draw your attention to the fact that extreme volumes 
may damage your hearing and/or your headphones or loudspeakers. 
Turn the MAIN MIX control and PHONES control in the main section fully 
counter-clockwise before you switch on the unit. Always be careful to 
set appropriate volume levels.
Important notes concerning installation
The sound quality may diminish within the range of powerful 
broadcasting stations and high-frequency sources. Increase the 
distance between the transmitter and the device and use shielded 
cables for all connections.
1.1  General mixing console functions
A mixing console fulfils three main functions:
Signal processing: Preamplification, level adjustment, mixing of effects, 
frequency equalization
Signal distribution: Summing of signals to the aux sends for effects 
processing and monitor mix, distribution to one or several recording tracks, 
power amp(s), control room and 2-track outputs
Mix: Setting the volume level, frequency distribution and positioning of the 
individual signals in the stereo field, level control of the total mix to match 
the recording devices/crossover/power amplifier(s). All other mixer functions 
can be included in this main function
The interface of BEHRINGER mixing consoles is optimized for these tasks enabling 
you to easily keep track of the signal path.
1.2  The user’s manual
The user’s manual is designed to give you both an overview of the controls, 
as well as detailed information on how to use them. In order to help you 
understand the links between the controls, we have arranged them in groups 
according to their function. The illustrations at the beginning of each chapter 
show the controls described in each respective chapter.
The block diagram supplied with the mixing console gives you an 
overview of the connections between the inputs and outputs, as well 
as the associated switches and controls.
For the moment, just try and trace the signal path from the microphone input 
to the FX send connector. Don’t be put off by the huge range of possibilities; 
it’s easier than you think! If you look at the overview of the controls at the same 
time, you’ll be able to quickly familiarize yourself with your mixing console and 
you’ll soon be making the most of all its many possibilities.
If you need to know more about specific issues, please visit our website at, where you’ll find explanations of (for example) effects and 
dynamics applications.
1.3  Before you get started
1.3.1  Shipment
Your mixing console was carefully packed in the factory to guarantee safe 
transport. Nevertheless, we recommend that you carefully examine the 
packaging and its contents for any signs of physical damage, which may have 
occurred during transit.
If the unit is damaged, please do NOT return it to us, but notify your 
dealer and the shipping company immediately, otherwise claims for 
damage or replacement may not be granted.
1.3.2  Initial operation
Be sure that there is enough space around the unit for cooling purposes and to 
avoid over-heating please do not place your mixing console on high-temperature 
devices such as radiators or power amps. The console is connected to the 
mains via the supplied cable. The console meets the required safety standards. 
Blown fuses must only be replaced by fuses of the same type and rating.
Never connect the XENYX to the power supply unit when the latter is 
connected to the mains! First connect the power supply unit to the 
console, then connect the power supply unit to the mains.
Please note that all units must be properly grounded. For your own 
safety, you should never remove any ground connectors from electrical 
devices or power cables, or render them inoperative.
Please ensure that only qualified people install and operate the 
mixing console. During installation and operation, the user must have 
sufficient electrical contact to earth, otherwise electrostatic discharges 
might affect the operation of the unit.