Panasonic DMC-TZ40 사용자 설명서

페이지 36
 (ENG) VQT4T06
GPS and map functions
Before using the camera, be sure to read “Licence Agreement for 
Place Name and Map Data” (Operating Instructions for advanced 
This camera can record the location information of a place where a 
picture was taken on the pictures. 
The camera can also automatically adjust the time or display a place 
where a picture was taken on a map during playback.
Using the GPS function to execute positioning
Press [MENU/SET] ( )
Press         to select [GPS] 
menu and press [MENU/SET]
Press     to select 
[GPS Setting] and press 
Press     to select [ON] and press [MENU/SET]
 •A message appears on the screen. After confirming the 
message, press [MENU/SET].
When [GPS Setting] is [ON], the GPS function works even if the 
camera is turned off.
 •Electromagnetic waves from the camera can affect instruments 
and meters. During takeoff and landing of airplanes or in other 
restricted areas, set [Airplane Mode] to [ON] and turn off the 
 •When [GPS Setting] is [ON] and [Airplane Mode] is [OFF], power 
will drain from the battery even if the camera is turned OFF.