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InstantFM Music
Personal FM and Web Radio Recorder
> Playback Radio Programming on Your PC or MP3 Player
> Time-Shift and Schedule Recording of FM and Web Radio
   on your PC
> Discover New Music - Find Song Titles, Artist Names
   and CD Information
Plug the Instant FM into your USB port and watch your music collection 
grow. Record individual songs, new music, live sessions, talk radio shows, 
interviews  and  build  the  ultimate  music  library  completely  customized  to 
exactly what you want for FREE! No subscription fees!
Simply  decide  what  stations  and  programs  you  want  to  monitor  and  let 
Instant  FM  Music  with  Snaptune  One  do  the  rest.  Audio  tracks  are 
automatically separated and Snaptune One
 works with an Internet based 
database  which  provides  details  like  Song  Title,  Artist,  Album  Artwork  & 
CD information.  Everything that Instant FM Music records is indexed so 
you can listen to it when you want.
System Requirements.
Microsoft Windows XP or Windows XP Media Center 
Edition Service Pack 2 or later
Available USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 port
A minimum of 1GB (5GB recommended) of free disk 
1GHz CPU, 256MB RAM (512MB recommended) 
Windows Media Player 10.0 or higher 
An Internet connection for Web Radio, Song 
identification and other information (e.g., album art, 
reviews, etc.)
North American Office
ADS Tech Inc, USA
12627 Hidden Creek Way
Cerritos, CA 90703, USA
Southern Europe | MEA Office 
ADS Tech SARL France
51/55 Rue Hoche
94200 - Ivry Sur Seine, France
Central | Eastern | N. Europe Office
ADS Tech GmbH
Frankfurter Straße 3b 
38122 Braunschweig, Germany
UK and Ireland Office
ADS Tech
Western Business Park
Shannon, County Clare, Ireland
Find your favorite FREE FM Radio Stations
Schedule Your Recordings
Gather Song and Artist Information,
CD Artwork and More!
• FREE FM Radio 
• Automatically Receive Detailed Song Info via the Internet 
• Effortlessly Organize All Of Your Recorded Music and Talk Shows 
• View and Save RDS Information Streamed From Radio Stations 
• Record Programming While You Are Away 
InstantFM Music
3.25 inches
Part Number.
USB 2.0 and 1.1 Compliant
96 kHz Audio Sample Rate
16 Bit Stereo
RDS/RBDS Data Decoder
Worldwide FM Band Support (76-108 MHz)
InstantFM Music Device
CD Containing:
Snaptune One Software
FM Antenna
Unit Packaging Dimensions.
Height: 10.5    Width: 7.5    Depth: 4.