Fujifilm mx-500 브로셔

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Digital Camera
1.5 Million Eyes
From recording to printing,
the design of the MX-500
takes quality very, very
seriously. This precision
starts with a new super-
megapixel CCD developed by Fujifilm. With
1.5 million square pixels to capture all the
nuances, images include every detail.
You’ll also have an RGB primary-color
filter with advanced spectral charac-
teristics that bring out all the color
tones and gradations.
The Need for Speed
With other digital cameras, super-megapixel
images take longer to process and store —
and that leaves you waiting instead of
shooting. The MX-500 has a better answer:
A high-speed RISC processor with on-board
DRAM. Coupled with an original image pro-
cessing algorithm, it speeds up processing
and delivers sharp, detailed images. To bal-
ance quality, processing time and storage
requirements, you also have the choice of
the Fine, Normal or Basic Quality Mode. 
Looking Sharp
When you compose another great shot, you
can use either the optical viewfinder or the
1.8-inch color LCD monitor. The crisp and
clear LCD monitor also comes in handy
when you want to review images immedi-
ately or show them to others. 
Precision Is Automatic
The MX-500 accurately and instantaneously
measures the light and distance to the subject.
The CCD Autofocus System sets the right
focal length, while the Program AE System
has the precision of 64-zone metering. 
Clearly Better
With its high resolution of 170
lines/mm, the new Fujinon
lens is sharper than many
SLR lenses. Distortion has
been held to an amazingly
low 0.3% — two-thirds less
than you find in a typical digital camera in
this class. Acclaimed for its performance in
professional broadcast cameras, the lens
has a large F3.2 aperture, and it offers the
wide-angle versatility of a focal length
equivalent to 35 mm with a 35 mm camera. 
Easily Done
It’s simple to pick
the appropriate
shooting, playback
or editing mode.
Just use the Mode
Dial and the Four-Direction Key on the back
of the camera to make your selection.
Convenience and Creativity
In the Auto Mode, the MX-500 takes care of
all the settings, but you don’t have to give
up creative control. 
In difficult lighting, the exposure com-
pensation can be adjusted from –0.9 EV to 
+1.5 EV in 0.3 EV increments. There are a
lot of other functions as well, including
White Balance Adjustment for the type of
light and Flash Power Adjustment. In the
Macro Mode, you’ll have the freedom of
moving in as close as 9 cm/3.5 in. to shoot
subjects as small as a business card. The
Digital 2
´ Telephoto Mode adds even more
possibilities, and you can choose from three
Sharpness Modes and resolution of 1,280 
1,024 or 640 
´ 480 pixels. For sure control
in flash photography, use Slow Sync or
Daylight Sync in the Manual Mode.
Playback Is Fun, Too
Along with conventional Single-Frame
Playback, you can choose from an array of
modes that make displaying images almost
as creative as shooting them. When you
want to check the details of an image,
select the Playback Zoom Mode for enlarge-
ment up to 4
´, and then scroll to the area of
interest with the Four-Direction Key.
The MX-500 also makes it easy to
check a series of images with the Multi-
Frame Playback
Mode showing an
array of nine images.
And if you’re with col-
leagues, friends or
family, it’s simple to
display your images on a TV monitor. Just
use the video output terminal to connect the
camera, and you’ll be ready for fun. 
Limitless, Handy Storage
Your images are
recorded on a
SmartMedia™ Card, so you
can always put in another
when one is full. The ultracompact storage
medium is perfect for anyone on the move,
and it simplifies transferring files to a com-
puter. Just add the optional PC card
adapter or floppy disk adapter, or use a
cable to download images to a PC through
the MX-500’s serial port. 
The SmartMedia™ Card makes high-
quality printing easy, too. Simply insert it
into the slot of Fujifilm’s Digital Printer 
NX-5/5D, and its Thermo-Autochrome (TA)
technologies will deliver photo-like results. 
Designed to Last
The MX-500 is so energy efficient that its four
AA alkaline batteries last for approximately
200* shots when the LCD monitor is on. 
* Figures based on Fujifilm’s test results. Actual performance may
vary according to the type of battery and operating conditions.
of course
Don’t forget 
an extra
Coin case
Ballpoint pen
All Systems Are Go
The MX-500Õs super-megapixel CCD is your assurance of quality thatÕs bound to impress,
especially when it comes from a model as compact and stylish as this one. Whether youÕre
headed for a conference or a social occasion, keep the MX-500 with you. Wherever you go, 
this is the best of digital friends. 
Actual size
Images along the bottom of these pages were taken with the MX-500 (1,280 
´ 1,024 pixels, Fine Mode).