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Network installations continue to employ increasing amounts of optical 
fiber.  Because of applications such as Dense Wavelength Division 
Multiplexing (DWDM) each of those fibers is carrying more information 
than ever before.  In order to maximize fiber performance and prevent 
costly network outages, it is critically important that each fiber cable be 
protected against excessive bending, inadvertent disconnects, and 
accidental damage. 
The Prisma
 Fiber Slack Storage Tray is designed to provide total internal protection and storage for excess fiber 
cable in high-density installations.  The chassis is a 1RU, 19-inch enclosure that mounts to any standard EIA or 
WECO rack.  It holds a single slide out drawer capable of storing up to twelve 3 mm jacketed fibers, each up to 
2.2 meters in length.  The internal channel system helps to route and organize the fiber cables while protecting 
critical bend radius (1.5 inches minimum) throughout the full operating travel range of the drawer. 
•  19-inch chassis fits industry-standard EIA and WECO racks, and 1RU height conserves valuable rack space. 
•  Chassis and slide out drawer provide easy front access to all fibers, minimizing the probability of disrupting 
adjacent fiber connections. 
•  High-density fiber storage tray holds up to twelve 3 mm fibers, each up to 2.2 meters in length. 
•  Unique snap-open, post-and-gate channel links route and protect fiber cables while automatically maintaining 
the critical 1.5-inch minimum bend radius throughout the travel range of the drawer. 
 Fiber Slack Storage Tray