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Install Guide to connect KX-P8410/KX-PS8000 with Netware ver5.0
This guide is written for describing the procedure to connect KX-P8410/KX-PS8000 with
Netware ver5.0 server and supplementing Quick Install Guide of KX-PNBC4.(Ethernet card
of KX-P8410/KX-PS8000). Please read this install guide in advance as it explains the basic
settings related to Netware.
The procedure.
The procedure consists of the following two major steps.
(1)Installing the Ethernet Card.
Install the Ethernet card (KX-PNBC4) by following the procedure described in Quick Install
After installing the Ethernet card, you need to change the setting of the card if you want to
use RPrinter/Nprinter or select Nprinter port in NDPS mode. You also need to change the
setting if the frame type is different between the card and the server when IPX/SPX is used
as a network protocol.
To change the setting of the card, you need to install the Network Print Manager. Please
refer to “Using the Netware Server” in Quick Installation Guide.
(2)Setting up Server and Client.
Netware ver5.0 has the following features.
(a) Netware ver5.0 has two ways to manage Network resources such as server PC, Printer
or User account.
NDS (Novell Directory Services)
or Bindery
(b) Netware ver5.0 has introduced the new system to manage the printer called NDPS in
addition to the conventional way which needs Print Queue, Print Server, Printer settings.
(c) Netware ver5.0 can let you choose the network protocol, TCP/IP or IPX/SPX.
Please refer to Netware or Novell documentation for more detail.
Please decide the setting for each item in advance of the setup as the procedure depends
on the settings.
(1)NDS management
(1.1) If you are using IPX/SPX protocol,
(1.1.1) PServer mode.