Nikon Coolpix W300 사용자 매뉴얼

페이지 310
Recording the Log of Movement Information
Starting Log Recording
Use the multi selector 
HI to select 
the type of log to record, and press the 
k button.
• Start all logs: Location, altitude, and water depth 
logs are recorded.
• Start location log: A location log is recorded.
• Start depth log: A water depth log is recorded.
Select the intervals of log recording, 
and press the 
k button.
• The intervals that can be set vary depending on 
the type of log that is recorded.
Select the duration of the log recording, 
and press the 
k button.
• The time that can be set varies depending on the 
type of log that is recorded.
• Log recording starts. Press the d button to exit 
the menu.
• D is displayed on the shooting screen during 
log recording (
• Log recording automatically ends when the specified time elapses, and the log data 
is temporarily recorded on the camera. Save the log data on a memory card when 
log recording is complete (
Recording the Log of Movement Information
Press the 
d button M z menu icon M Create log M k button
Create log
Star t all logs
End all logs
Star t location log
End location log
Star t depth log
End depth log
Log interval
15 s
30 s
1 min
3 min
5 min
10 min
Start log
Log data for next 6 hrs
Log data for next 12 hrs
Log data for next 24 hrs
Log data for next 72 hrs