Nikon Coolpix W300 사용자 매뉴얼

페이지 310
The Location Data Options Menu
View Log
Check or erase the log data saved on the memory card using Create log (
Set Clock from Satellite
Signals from the positioning satellites are used to set the date and time of the 
camera’s internal clock. Check the positioning status before setting the clock using 
this option.
Notes About Set Clock from Satellite
• To set the camera's internal clock, positioning must have been done successfully (A95).
• Date/time adjustment by Set clock from satellite is set according to the time zone set in 
Time zone and date (
A162) in the setup menu. Check the time zone before setting Set 
clock from satellite.
• The date/time set using Set clock from satellite is not as accurate as radio clocks. Use 
Time zone and date in the setup menu to set the time if it is not accurate when set using 
Set clock from satellite.
Press the 
d button M z menu icon M View log M k button
Location logs
A list of logs (dates) is displayed.
• Press the l (delete) button to delete the selected log or 
all saved location logs.
• You can view location logs by using software that can display 
log data such as ViewNX-i (
Altitude/depth logs
Select a log (date) that you want to display and press the 
k button to display the altitude or water depth data as a 
graph (
• Press the l (delete) button to delete the selected log or 
all saved altitude/depth logs.
Press the 
d button M z menu icon M Set clock from satellite M k button