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iArtist is a powerful and flexible layout design tool. It enables 
users to design a multi-zone layout and define file playback 
sequences, timing, and transition effects. In addition, users 
can use the intuitive drag-and-drop operation to create their 
own templates or layouts. The timeline view lets users define 
playlists intuitively.
iS-1600 Digital Signage 
System is a compact yet 
sophisticated system equipped 
with the professional Digital 
Signage software for content 
creation, scheduling, and 
remote management.
Furthermore, it’s capable of 
managing Many  of iS-1600 
players as a group at the same 
time without setting up 
additional servers.
Designed with fanless and low 
power consumption 
properties, which is ideal for 
24/7 operations.
Support dual display outputs 
at an editable full mode. 
Complex layouts with RSS, 
Flash, and H.264 Full HD video 
are available.
Product Highlights
All-in-one turnkey system
Lifelong subscription free 
(one time investment).
No firewall/router 
configuration required.
De-duplication feature makes 
plan publishing faster and 
Perform mission and power 
on/off automatically instead 
of requiring complicated 
manual configurations.   
Multi-layer display 
provides more diversified 
layout arrangements.
Provide the clone mode and 
extend mode for the dual 
display scenario.
Central remote system 
management lets users save 
more on-site cost.  
iSignager supports multiple 
player management, and 
users can get the complete 
information directly from the 
iScheduler is a full range scheduling tool for the layout playback. 
It supports hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly based scheduling.
Several scheduling templates are provided for users' quick 
Users can easily do scheduling by putting their desired layouts 
into time slots. Drag and drop to determine the playback 
length in the calendar view slots. The precise time definition 
of the playback looping is also available by right clicking the 
slot for the detailed property settings.
Building a digital signage network is usually the easy
part. However, running a system successfully day after 
day requires constant vigilance. All of those screens and 
signage players need a watchful eye just in case 
something goes wrong. The dashboard panel feature 
gives you the proactive tools that enable you to monitor 
a digital signage network conveniently on your 
Player status
Player status provides real-time information, such as 
registration, IP, MAC address, current layout, and last 
Player monitor
A summary of a player's real-time information and 
Command task
Arrange the player management command sets, such as 
scheduling on/off and removing media files
Log viewer 
Provide the detailed player logs, including the system 
logs and playback related information.
Publish status
List with the transfer progress and expiration time of 
plan publishing.
iCommander is an administration software for remote 
which is capable of managing many units of players at the 
same time.
iCommander presents the monitoring status by a dynamically 
refreshing dashboard. It delivers essential information for 
routine checks.
Further detailed information required for maintenance or 
troubleshooting is also provided by the iCommander.
Digital Signage System
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