Borri B200 1kVA B200-1000 전단

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1000VA - 2000VA
Line Interactive
w w w . b o r r i . c o . u k
The B200 range utilises digital Line Interactive
(VI) technology with a digitized PWM-based
controller providing a pure sinewave output,
making it perfect for sensitive applications
where pure power is required. The range has
been developed as a compromise between Off-
line (VFD) and On-line Double Conversion (VFI)
The B200 UPS includes an AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) as standard, making the UPS
enormously effective even in poor mains supply conditions. With its wide input voltage
window the UPS regulates a precise output voltage without switching to battery power, even
if the input voltage fluctuates by as much as 30% from normal.  This impressive feature extends
battery service life and ensures the batteries are in prime condition, fully charged and ready to
offer maximum runtime should the mains power fail completely.
The unit features RJ11 & RJ45 filtering for connection of telephone, modem and router
lines, separate IEC power outlets for surge suppression only (ideal for valuable non essential 
loads) and an LCD screen displaying connected load and battery charge levels, input and
output voltages and warnings for overload and fault conditions.
The free download of intelligent shut-down and monitoring software enables your PC to
communicate with the UPS via the USB port using the cable provided with the product. 
The software enables UPS start-up and shut-down programming, data and history logging 
and email messaging (alerting users to the UPS status across the local network). 
The software is compatible with most operating systems, providing a safe shut down in 
the event of an extended power failure. Additionally, the UPS automatically restarts upon 
power being restored.
The Borri B200 - 
An advanced UPS 
with Pure 
Sinewave Output
The range ensures effective and high quality protection
for all connected devices.
Pure Sinewave Output
Line Interactive (VI) Technology
with AVR
PWM Based Controller
Cold Start Feature
Inbuilt Protection for Modem
& Telephone
Automatic Start
LCD Display
USB Connectivity
Intelligent Shutdown and
Monitoring Software
B200 Main Features