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OfficeMaster Suite
Unified communications solution (fax, SMS, voicemail) for Microsoft Exchange (2003 – 2013), IBM Notes/ 
Domino server  (4.6  – 9.0), any SMTP-based mail system, or for use without a mail server
OfficeMaster Suite allows you to connect your e-mail 
system with the  communication channels of fax, SMS 
and voicemail services into a true unified messaging 
solution. By using existing infrastructure for the storage 
and configuration of user data, not only is access to 
these asynchronous services standardized, but also full 
administrative access is assured through the familiar 
Fax and SMS
The OfficeMaster Suite provides users with professional 
fax/SMS communications directly from their mail system, 
without requiring any installation on the individual 
workstations. Messages/attachments are converted 
centrally on the OfficeMaster Suite.
Users of OfficeMaster without a mail server can send and 
receive fax messages by using  the Webclient, the cen-
tral converter enables this without any software on the  
work- station.
If necessary, a terminal-server enabled printer driver can 
be installed on the clients workstation.
The voicemail solution in OfficeMaster Suite accepts calls 
diverted from a PBX system and routes them to the inte- 
grated voice server. Depending on the configuration for 
the dialed number, either the voicebox of a user or an IVR 
system is addressed. Users can individually adjust this con 
figuration by means of a user-friendly Web interface.
OfficeMaster  Suite from  the administrator‘s perspective
The OfficeMaster Suite is installed as a service on a 
Windows computer in the  network. With the aid of the 
supplied OfficeMaster Messaging Server Configuration, 
administrators can manage the service from any computer 
in the  same subnet. There is no need to login directly 
onto the server. Components are created for the various 
environments and communication types that are con-
trolled by the OfficeMaster service.
OfficeMaster Suite 5
▪ Virtualization support
▪ Distributed systems possible (restricted in the user- 
limited version)
▪ Central conversion for high-performance fax trans- 
▪ Terminal-server enabled software or connected mail 
▪ OfficeMaster Web client support of most popular Web 
Fax and SMS
▪ Fax reception with preview directly in the mail 
▪ Faxing from any application (ERP/CRM)
▪ Distribution of received fax and  SMS messages to 
registered users
▪ Fax and  SMS messaging using  global  address lists
▪ Serial fax, group  fax, fax on demand
▪ Central call acceptance and storage of voicemail
▪ Voicemail reception by the mail client
▪ Listening to received messages on the phone and on 
the computer
▪ Remote access from any phone
▪ User-customizable announcement texts
▪ User-friendly Web interface