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HP supports, certifies, and offers VMware software for HP ProLiant and BladeSystem servers. VMware software from HP provides a
comprehensive suite of virtualization solutions designed expressly for mission-critical enterprise computing.
HP offers a complete portfolio of VMware licenses Server and Client Virtualization Infrastructure Software.
VMware software from HP includes either1 / 3 / 5 year of 24x7 unlimited support. With this support, customers receive installation,
configuration and troubleshooting support. HP also offers VMware software bundled with HP Insight Control and the HP P4000 Virtual
SAN Appliance.
For information on VMware View products from HP please visit:
 or at
the VMware HCL 
What's New
Introduction of VMware vSphere Essentials to vSOM Standard upgrade 1yr and 3 yr support, vSphere Essentials Plus to vSOM
Standard, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus upgrade 1yr, 3yr and 5yr support, vSphere Enterprise and Enterprise Plus to vCloud
Enterprise upgrade 1 yr support, vSOM Standard to vCloud Standard, Advanced and Enterprise upgrade 1yr, 3yr and 5yr support,
vSOM Enterprise and Enterprise Plus to vCloud Standard, Advanced and Enterprise upgrade 1yr, 3yr and 5yr support and vSOM
Enterprise to Enterprise Plus upgrade 1yr, 3yr and 5yr support, electronic format only.
At A Glance
The VMware OEM portfolio from HP includes:
All VMware vSphere 5 core server editions and related acceleration kits
Upgrade licenses within the core server editions
VMware vCenter management products including Site Recovery Manager (SRM), Chargeback, vCenter Operations
vCloud products including vCloud Director and vCloud Suite
vShield products
VMware View products
VMware ThinApp products
The following bundles are part of this portfolio:
HP Insight Control bundled with the core server editions - VMware vSphere Enterprise, VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus
The VMware OEM portfolio from HP includes a 1 / 3 / 5 year 24x7 unlimited support and subscription services.
All VMware vSphere products from HP are available in both physical and electronic delivery forms. Customers can make a choice
based on their requirement.
All VMware products from HP (excluding upgrades and client virtualization products) include a Web Based Training on VMware
vSphere from HP Education Services
The complete Virtual desktop infrastructure solution to enable VMware-based client virtualization. For more information, please
visit the VMware View QuickSpecs: 
For more information on steps to redeem your VMware software licenses purchased from HP, please visit
Electronic delivery of VMware products providing faster, easier and more efficient way to fulfill orders.
Electronic delivery products will have "E" as 8th character in part number
Software downloads and license retrievals will now be available from VMware.
VMware Virtualization Software For HP ProLiant Servers
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