HP VMware vSphere Enterprise 1 Processor 5yr E-LTU/Promo E8H76AAE 사용자 설명서

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Weight & Dimensions
8.75 x 5.625 x 0.063 in (22.23 x 14.29 x 0.16 cm)
Gross Weight (lbs)
0.056 lbs (0.03 kg)
Products and Approach
End-of-life Management
and Recycling
Hewlett-Packard offers end-of-life HP product return, trade-in, and recycling
programs in many geographic areas. For trade-in information, please go to:
Products returned to HP will be recycled, recovered or disposed of in a
responsible manner.
The EU WEEE directive (2002/95/EC) requires manufacturers to provide
treatment information for each product type for use by treatment facilities.
This information (product disassembly instructions) is posted on the Hewlett
Packard web site at: 
used by recyclers and other WEEE treatment facilities as well as HP OEM
customers who integrate and re-sell HP equipment.
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VMware Virtualization Software For HP ProLiant Servers
Technical Specifications
DA - 12307   Worldwide — Version 81 — February 18, 2014
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