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Plus 9 
60GB   80GB   120GB   160GB   200GB   250GB
3.5-inch 7200 RPM
performance hard drives
Capacities up to 250GB 
Designed for performance
PCs,  PC gaming systems,
and digital video 
Fast ATA/Enhanced 
Ultra ATA data transfer
speeds up to 133MB/sec
Serial ATA option with 
transfer speeds up to
100% FDB (fluid dynamic
bearing) motors
2MB and 8MB cache buffers
Shock Protection System
Data Protection System
Superior Performance Combined with 
Industry-leading Capacity  
The DiamondMax
Plus 9 hard disk drive is designed to exceed 
previous standards for desktop performance. DiamondMax Plus 9
drives are offered with industry-standard capacity points up to 250GB.
By delivering a performance hard drive using a highly leveraged
design with state-of-the-art quality and reliability, Maxtor demon-
strates technology leadership with DiamondMax Plus 9 drives.
Maxtor-developed Ultra ATA 
interface and Serial ATA interface
The Maxtor-developed Ultra ATA 
interface has data transfer rates up 
to 133 MB/sec. DiamondMax Plus 9
drives will also be available with 
a serial ATA interface. With either 
Ultra ATA/133 or the increased speed
and capabilities of Serial ATA/150,
users will have a choice of the fastest
data transfer rates and interface 
functionality available. 
Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) Motors
All DiamondMax Plus 9 drives are
equipped with FDB motors. This 
technology allows the drive to 
operate with very low sound output
for performance users who are 
concerned about acoustics.
Delivering Reliability
DiamondMax Plus 9 drives deliver
high reliability and data integrity
using the Maxtor-developed Shock
Protection System (SPS) and Data
Protection System (DPS). SPS and DPS
give the drive enhanced protection
against operating and non-operating
shock to eliminate costly drive returns.
When your application demands 
reliability, performance and capacity,
DiamondMax Plus 9 drives are the
ideal choice.