Sony RealShot Manager V4 (16 cameras) IMZ-RS416M 사용자 설명서

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Sony introduces the IMZ-RS400 Series Intelligent
Monitoring Software, which incorporates intelligent 
video analysis – “Video Motion Filter Alarms” and 
“Video Motion Filter Searches” – using metadata 
to provide operational efficiency and a high level 
of security.
“Video Motion Filter Alarms” allow users to define 
parameters and to fine tune alarm triggers for live 
monitoring/recording so that crucial events are easily
called to the attention of the guard and/or recorded.
“Video Motion Filter Searches” allow users to define
search parameters to situations so that events 
of interest are easily searched for in the recorded
In addition, the flexible IMZ-RS400 Series is the perfect
software solution for small to enterprise-class IP video
monitoring environments using Sony network cameras.
Either as a standalone system or in a client/server
configuration, this easy-to-use software is an ideal
control centre for multi-camera monitoring. 
With its intelligent value-added features and 
system scalability, the IMZ-RS400 Series is ideal 
not only for use in security applications, but also 
for use in process/quality control and market-
research applications to build a smart and powerful 
multi-camera video monitoring system.
Features at Glance
 Smart Monitoring and Smart Search using 
Sony Video Motion Filters
 Customised Layouts and Intuitive 
User-Friendly GUI
 Motion Detection Function
 “Hot Spot” Monitoring and Dual Monitoring 
 Manual/Scheduled/Alarm Recording
 Playback During Recording 
 Simultaneous Playback of Multiple Cameras 
 Camera P/T/Z Control
 Privacy Masking Function
 Audio Support
 User Privileges
 AVI File Export
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High Frame Rate
Audio Support
User-Friendly GUI
Quick Search/Playback
Video Motion Filter Alarm
Video Motion Filter Search
Intelligent IP Video Monitoring Based on the Sony Unique
Distributed Enhanced Processing Architecture (DEPA
) Platform
Incorporates Intelligent Video Analysis to Provide a High-Level 
of Security at an Affordable Price.