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6. As additional “drifting dirt" particles are
generated in your home, or infiltrated
from outdoors, they are also carried to
the Electronic Air Cleaner where they
are collected.
7. Because particles collected on the
cells are so small, the cells may not
appear dirty. The cells should be
cleaned according to the maintenance
Dirty Air In
Clean Air Out
Ionizing Section
Ionizing Wires
Collecting Section
Collecting Plates
Electronic Cell
4. As the air carries these charged
particles into the collector section of
the Electronic Cells, they are magneti-
cally drawn against metal plates by the
action of the powerful electrical field.
This process is comparable to a
magnet attracting iron filings.
5. These particles cling to the metal
plates and the now filtered air passes
on to the fan compartment of your
conditioning air system before being
recirculated through your house.
How It Works
The air in your home is circulated through
your heating and/or cooling system,
maintaining the temperature at a comfort-
able level. At the same time, the circulated
return air is passing through the Electronic
Air Cleaner. Millions of small dirt particles
such as smoke and pollen, most of them
so small as to be invisible, are carried by
the returning air to the Electronic Air
To familiarize you with the operation of the
Electronic Air Cleaner, here is a brief
description of how “drift-dirt” is removed
from the air electronically.
1. Drift particles in your home are carried
to the Air Cleaner through the return air
ductwork of your conditioning air
2. Lint, feathers, animal hair, and other
large particles are trapped by the pre-
3. Most of the drifting particles are too
small to be captured by the pre-filter
and pass into the ionizing field of the
Electronic Cells where they are
electrically charged.
Fan & Filter Operation
Your Air Cleaner only operates when air is
circulating through the unit; consequently,
it operates only when the furnace or air
conditioner fan operates. Your Air Cleaner
can do more for you if the fan operates
continuously. Most thermostats have a
switch that will permit continuous fan
operation. However, it must be understood
that continuous fan operation will increase
operating expense somewhat.
On/Off Switch & Indicator Light
Your Electronic Air Cleaner has an air flow
sensor that will provide power to the
electronic cells when your conditioning air
system fan is on. For fully automatic
operation, just turn the switch on the front
of the Power Pack “ON”. The Air Cleaner
will be on whenever the fan runs.
Green Light
Power Switch
Indicator Lights
Your Electronic Air Cleaner has a green
light on the front of the power pack that will
be ON when the Electronic Air Cleaner is
operating. This light should be ON
whenever the fan is running and the switch
is turned “ON’. If the fan stops running, or
power to the Air Cleaner has been
disrupted, the light will go out and remain
off until the power has been reapplied.
1. With power turned on at the circuit
breaker and the system blower off,
push the air cleaner ON-OFF switch to
the “ON” position. The green light will
turn ON for approximately ten seconds,
then turn OFF.
2. With the blower running, the green light
will be ON to indicate that the air
cleaner is operating. An arcing or
“snapping” sound may be heard
occasionally. This is normal, and the
unit is operating properly.
3. When the blower stops, the green light
will turn OFF.
Arcing (Snapping Or Popping)
Do not be concerned if the Air Cleaner
snaps or pops intermittently. These
sounds are caused by large particles
entering the cleaner. Should this continue
to the point of irritation, clean the pre-filter
if dirty and remove the Electronic Cells
and clean them according to the direc-
Arcing (snapping and popping) may
also occur when an Electronic Cell is still
wet after washing or when it is very dirty.
An increase in the frequency of the
snapping noise may indicate that the cells
need cleaning. If Arcing Persists When
the Cells are Clean And Dry, Consult
Your Installing Or Servicing Contractor.
Electronic Air Cleaner Operation.