Billion Electric Company Modem BIPAC-7100 사용자 설명서

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                                      Billion BIPAC-7100S/7100 ADSL Modem/Router 
  Connecting to the Router 
1.  Open the web browser and type
 in the browser’s 
address box. This number is the default IP 
address for this router.    Press Enter
2.  A username and password window will 
appear. The default username and 
password are admin and password.
Press OK to proceed.   
Product Support and Contact Information 
Most problems can be solved by referring to the Troubleshooting section in the User’s Manual. 
If you cannot resolve the problem with the Troubleshooting chapter, please contact the dealer 
where you purchased this product. 
Contact Billion 
Hotline: 1300 139 159, 7 days a week. 
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