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Real 5.1 Multimedia Surround-Headset 
The ZockerShirts 5.1 INTERCEPTOR is a multimedia headset that offers you the possibility 
to enjoy the sound of your games, films and applications in real 5.1 surround sound.   
This is possible through the three integrated speaker units in each headphone. 
With the amplifier box the ZockerShirts 5.1 INTERCEPTOR does also offer the  opportunity 
to connect an additional headsets at the same time. 
The headset distinguish itself especially with the multilateral possibilities of usage. So you 
can connect the headset with a DVD-Player, your CD-Player or with a 5.1 Soundcard in your 
PC. Now there is nothing in the way to play hot battles with your friends at optimal Surround-
Sound. The communication with programs like Teamspeak, Ventrilo or Skype is sure no 
problem with the integrated flexible and ,,Noise-Cancelling’’  microphone.