Verilux Vacuum Cleaner VH04WW1 사용자 설명서

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Owner’s Manual
Model: VH04WW1
Due to ongoing improvements, actual 
product may have slight variations from 
the product described in this manual.
Bed Bug  
Dust Mite & 
Flea Eggs
Influenza A 
E. coli
Sanitizing Bagless Vacuum
Sanitizing Bagless Vacuum
Reduce Germs and Deodorize
While You Vacuum
  Based on exposure of UV-C light to bed bug eggs, viruses and bacteria in the laboratory under controlled conditions. 
May be less effective when used on pile carpets and certain fabric surfaces. UV-C effectiveness depends on direct 
exposure duration and intensity and must shine on organism to be effective. In the event of bed bug infestation, a 
qualified pest exterminator should be contacted.
§  Deodorization based on UV-C reduction of odor-causing bacteria and HEPA filtration.
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