Sterling AF-XXX Manual Do Utilizador

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Additive Feeders 
Shipping Information 
Unpacking and Inspection 
You should inspect your additive feeder for possible shipping damage. 
Thoroughly check the equipment for any damage that might have occurred in transit, such as 
broken or loose wiring and components, loose hardware and mounting screws, etc. 
In the Event of Shipping Damage 
According to the contract terms and conditions of the Carrier, the responsibility of the 
Shipper ends at the time and place of shipment. 
Notify the transportation company’s local agent if you discover damage. 
Hold the damaged goods and packing material for the examining agent’s inspection.  Do not 
return any goods before the transportation company’s inspection and authorization. 
File a claim with the transportation company.  Substantiate the claim by referring to the 
agent’s report.  A certified copy of our invoice is available upon request.  The original Bill of 
Lading is attached to our original invoice.  If the shipment was prepaid, write us for a 
receipted transportation bill. 
Advise customer service regarding your wish for assistance and to obtain an RMA (return 
material authorization) number. 
If the Shipment is Not Complete 
Check the packing list as back-ordered items are noted on the packing list.   In addition to the 
equipment itself, you should have: 
;  Bill of lading 
;  Packing list 
;  Operating and Installation packet 
;  Electrical schematic and panel layout drawings 
;  Component instruction manuals (if applicable)  
Re-inspect the container and packing material to see if you missed any smaller items during 
If the Shipment is Not Correct 
If the shipment is not what you ordered, contact the parts and service department 
 at (262) 641-8610.  Have the order number and item number available.  Hold 
the items until you receive shipping instructions.
Do not return any damaged or incorrect items until you receive shipping instructions from the 
shipping department.