Panasonic DMC-TZ10 Manual Do Utilizador

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 Viewing as list
(Multi Playback/Calendar Playback)
Playback Mode: 
 Watching motion pictures/still pictures with audio
Playback Mode: 
You can view 12 (or 30) pictures at once (Multi Playback), or view all pictures taken on a 
certain date (Calendar Playback).
To restore
Turn to T side
To change from 
display to single-
screen display
Select picture with 
▲▼◄► and press 
Only months when pictures were taken are shown on the calendar screen. Pictures 
taken without Clock settings are displayed with the date 1st January, 2010.
Cannot be displayed rotated.
[ROTATE DISP.] cannot be performed in the 12-screen and 30-screen displays.
Pictures taken with destination settings made in [WORLD TIME] are displayed in the 
calendar screen using the appropriate date for the destination’s time zone.
Set to 
• To view pictures: press ◄►
Set to multiple screen display
with each 
turn to W 
Picture no.
Date recorded
Total no.
Scroll bar
Picture type
• [AVCHD Lite]   
• [BABY] 
• [PET] 
(12 screens) 
(30 screens) 
Selected date (First picture from date)
• Select week with ▲▼ and 
date with ◄►, and press 
[MENU/SET] to display 
that date’s pictures on a 
12-screen display.
(Calendar screen)
The volume for still pictures with audio can be adjusted by the speaker volume (→22).
Motion pictures or still pictures with audio recorded on other devices may not be played 
When using a large-volume memory card, the rewind function may take some time.
Some information (picture number, White Balance, etc.) will not be displayed for motion 
pictures recorded in [AVCHD Lite(GPS REC)] and [AVCHD Lite]. 
Motion pictures recorded with [AVCHD Lite] can be viewed on your computer using 
‘PHOTOfunSTUDIO’ on the supplied CD-ROM. 
Motion pictures and still pictures with audio can be played back just as you view still 
Operations during motion 
picture playback
◄: Fast rewind (2 steps)
Single-frame rewind 
(while paused)
►: Fast forward (2 steps)
Single-frame forward 
(while paused)
• If ▲ is pressed during fast 
forward or rewind, it will return to 
normal playback speed. 
• Volume can be adjusted with 
zoom lever (motion picture only).
Set to 
Set to a position other than 
Select the picture and start playback
Motion picture 
recording time
: [AVCHD Lite(GPS REC)]/ [AVCHD Lite] 
(example shows 
the VGA icon)
:Still picture with audio
• The motion picture recording time display 
changes to the playback elapsed time 
when playback is started.
Example:  1 hour 2 minutes and 30 seconds 
is 1h2m30s
Zoom lever