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DC290 Zoom Digital Camera
DC290 Zoom Digital Camera
The KODAK DC290 Zoom Digital Camera takes brilliant, dazzling pictures,
thanks to 3.3 Ultra Resolution delivering 2240 x 1500 pixels per image, 2.1 non-
interpolated. But what makes it the ultimate in digital flexibility and control is
its ability to “learn” scripts and applications—much like you’d customise your
PC with different software applications. Adjust, edit and apply special effects.
Control and customise camera settings. Create animations. All right inside the
camera. Whether it’s for the most demanding business applications or 
sophisticated personal use, the DC290 is one very smart purchase.
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ers Photo
Ultimate Intelligent
digital camera
for the
demanding user
Stunning 8" x 10" Prints
Two-megapixel resolution, capturing 1792 x
1200 pixels per image, delivers enough detail for
dazzling, photo-realistic 18 x 24cm prints. Ultra
resolution lets you make even larger prints! You
won’t run short on detail when your pictures
have to make a big impact.
3X Optical Plus 2X Digital Zoom 
Lens optically extends to 3X with no loss in
quality, plus camera can “digitally” zoom an
additional 2X for added flexibility.
Superior Intelligence And Control 
DIGITA™ Scripting - The camera’s on-board
operating system gives customised flexibility.
Automating camera settings according to sur-
rounding conditions, step-by-step guided picture
taking and creating new camera functionality
such as in-camera Adobe-type filters reduces
errors and increases productivity.
More Features, More Flexibility 
Auto/manual exposure, external flash sync,
burst mode - for taking sequential pictures,
time-lapse mode to take a sequence of pictures
at consistent time intervals.
You get more picture-taking options.
USB Support For Faster Downloads
Less waiting and faster results, with full USB
support that lets you download up to 10X
faster than serial interfaces.
Upgradable Over The Internet
As new features and capabilities evolve, you’ll be
able to update the DC290 over the Internet. It’s
fast, easy and incredibly convenient.