Quantum DLT VS160 Tape Drive, External Kit, LVD, Black, EU BH2BA-EO Folheto

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The DLT VS160 fills the need for capacity
and throughput in a Value DLTtape™
solution. It features a half-high form
factor and offers 80GB of native capacity
(160GB compressed)and an 8MB/second
native transfer rate (16MB/second
compressed). Available as an internally
configured unit or as table-top unit, the
DLT VS160 uses Quantum DLTtape VS1
media, increasing capacity-value with
enhanced reliability and durability, all at
an industry-leading cost per GB.
Easy Integration
For maximum ease of installation, the 
DLT VS160 is compatible with virtually 
all popular backup software packages,
enabling straightforward integration with
new and existing networks and systems.
For a complete list of application soft-
ware packages and hardware platforms
compatible with the Quantum DLT VS160,
go to quantum.com.
As part of the most scalable tape format
family in the server data protection mar-
ket, the DLT VS160 is read compatible
with Quantum's DLT1 and DLT VS80.
Move up to the system that's exceeding
the standard of value in DLTtape backup.
Value DLTtape™ Drives
F E A T U R E S   A N D   B E N E F I T S
• Outstanding capacity and performance 
80 GB native capacity at 8 MB/s. 2:1
compression allows 160 GB at 16 MB/s.
• Compact size – Optimizes space without
sacrificing optimal performance or relia-
bility, providing a low-power, server-
ready solution.
• Optimized for DLTtape VS1 media 
Increasing capacity-value with enhanced
reliability and durability, all at an indus-
try-leading cost per GB.
• Industry-leading product roadmap 
The Quantum DLTtape platform leverages
best-of-breed tape solutions for the
entire server data protection market.
The performance offering for value servers – Quantum's
value offering for performance servers. The Quantum 
DLT VS160 extends the Quantum DLTtape™ data protection
family, pushing all of the smart options that users have
come to expect – reliability, value, and space efficiency,
making it the performance offering for value servers and
the value offering for performance servers.