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CW450 Digital Camera  
Great Pictures, Better Memories
New & improved user interface
The new user interface features modern 3D icons 
and greater color contrast for improved visibility 
when navigating menu selections even in bright light. 
Additionally, when choosing scene modes, two 
images are shown as examples of how a picture 
would look like in comparison to using the auto 
4X Optical Zoom
The 4X Optical Zoom lets you magnify and capture 
sharp images when taking pictures from a distance. 
Optical Zoom brings the subject closer and makes 
additional detail visible.
Smile Detection
With smile detection, the camera will search for a 
smile and automatically take the picture when it 
detects that the subject is smiling.  This feature is 
especially helpful when trying to capture pictures of 
young children smiling in front of the camera. 
Blink Detection
When using the blink detection feature, the camera 
alerts you if a subject is blinking when the picture is 
taken. The camera will then prompt you to either 
keep or delete the picture, allowing you the 
opportunity to retake pictures as you deem 
Over 25 scene modes
With over 25 scene modes, you can easily ensure 
the best shot is captured in different shooting 
situations. Pick the mode that best matches your 
activity or use the Intelligent scene mode to let the 
camera detect the conditions and select the best 
mode for you. 
The night scene mode is perfect in non-luminous 
conditions.  It produces properly exposed images, 
making the picture lighter and less grainy.  Use the 
candle light mode to capture the warm color of party 
settings lit by candles. For posting pictures on online 
auction or shopping websites, use the auction mode. 
In auction mode images are captured and saved in 
smaller size files for easy uploading.
Package contents
• HP CW450 Digital Camera
• Wrist strap 
• 0.8 meter USB cable 
• 2x AA Batteries
• Quick Start Guide 
• Software install and Electronic User Manual  
• Warranty document
The CW450 is a 12 megapixel 4X optical zoom 
digital camera packed with features in a new 
attractive compact design. It comes with a 
redesigned user interface that’s intuitive to use.  
The CW450 takes AA batteries making it a 
convenient digital camera for the road.