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● Native XGA Resolution (1024 x 768)
● 4600 ANSI Lumens (Brighter Mode)/4000 ANSI Lumens (True Color
● 90% Uniformity
● Lens: f=48.2 to 62.6 mm, F1.7 to 2.0, 1.3x Zoom
● Lens Shifting: 1:1 to 10:0 
● Throw Distance: 4.6 to 48.3 ft. (1.4 to 14.7 m)
● Projected Image Size: 31" to 400"
● 900:1 Contrast Ratio
● New Progressive Scan Circuitry (Converts 480i, 575i, 1035i, 1080i
Signals to Progressive)
● Quiet Operation: 35 dB (Silent Mode)
● Customizable Logo Display
● DVI-D (RGB Digital) Terminal, HDCP Compatible
● VGA (RGB Analog) Input/Output
● Other Input Terminals: 5BNC, Component, S-Video, Composite
● Digital Keystone Adjustment: ±40 Degrees (V), ±10 Degrees (H)
● Image Adjustment Features: Turbo Bright System, Color
Management, Auto Picture Control, Gamma Adjustment
● Size (W x D x H): 12.6 x 16.9 x 6.2 in. (319 x 429.5 x 158 mm)
Kit Contents
Power Cable 
VGA Computer Cable 
Wireless/Wired Remote Control (AA Batteries Included)
Wired Remote Cable 
Mouse Control Cable (PS/2, Serial, and
Lens Cap 
Dust Cover 
Warranty Card 
User’s Manual
20.5 LBS (9.3 KG)
Widen Your Expectations
Canon U.S.A., Inc.
One Canon Plaza, Lake Success, NY 11042, U.S.A.
Canon Canada Inc.
6390 Dixie Road, Mississauga, Ontario L5T 1P7, Canada
Canon Mexicana, S. DE R.L. DE C.V.
Periférico Sur No. 4124, 5º y 6º pisos,
Col. Ex-Rancho de Anzaldo, 01900 México, D.F.
Canon Latin America
703 Waterford Way Suite 400, Miami, FL 33126, U.S.A.
© 2003 Canon USA, Inc.
Multi Card Imager LV-MI01
This multi-function accessory allows you
even greater flexibility with your projector.
The card slot accommodates three
optional items: the Wired LAN Card (LV-
WN01), Wireless LAN Card (LV-WN02),
and the Compact Flash Card (LV-WN03).
■ Optional Accessories
Wired LAN Card LV-WN01
When used with the supplied LAN cable,
you can connect your projector directly
to a network. It's perfect for controlling
your projector from a central location,
scheduling operation, and transmitting
image files or documents. 
Wireless LAN Card LV-WN02
Ideal for controlling your projector or
sending a document from your computer
– without any wires. Excellent for the
conference room.
Compact Flash Card LV-WN03
Project digital photos or run a
presentation without a computer.
Replacement Lamp LV-LP18
Replacement Lamp LV-LP19
Component Video Cable
Ceiling Mount Adapter LV-CL08
For the LV-7215 • LV-7210 • LV-5210
For the LV-S3
Replacement Lamp LV-LP20 
Component Video Cable LV-CA32 
Ceiling Mount Adapter LV-CL09
For the LV-X2
Replacement Lamp LV-LP15
Remote Control with Mouse and Laser Functions LV-RC01
Mouse Cable for PS/2 LV-CA25 
Mouse Control Cable for Serial LV-CA26
Mouse Control Cable for ADB LV-CA27 
Ceiling Mount Adapter LV-CL06
Ultra Wide Angle Lens LV-IL01
Lens: f=22.33 mm, F2.5
Projected Image Size: 70" to 120"
Throw Distance: 3.7 to 6.4 ft. (1.13
to 1.96 m)
Wide Angle Zoom Lens LV-IL02
Lens: f=34.33 to 48.02 mm, F2.5 to
3.06, 1.4x zoom
Projected Image Size: 40" to 300"
Throw Distance: 3.2 to 25.4 ft. (0.98
to 7.74 m)
Long Focus Zoom Lens LV-IL03
Lens: f=63.5 to 111.5 mm, F2.03 to
2.89, 1.8x zoom
Projected Image Size: 60" to 300"
Throw Distance: 8.9 to 46.7 ft. (2.73
to 14.23 m)
Ultra Long Focus Zoom Lens LV-IL04
Lens: f=111.6 to 155.2 mm, F2.06 to
2.73, 1.4x zoom
Projected Image Size: 40" to 300"
Throw Distance: 11.4 to 82.0 ft. 
(3.48 to 25.0 m)
Optional Accessories for the LV-7555
Lens changes must be performed by an authorized Canon representative. 
Network Imager LV-NI01
This multi-function accessory allows you
even greater flexibility with your projector.
The card slot accommodates 
The LV-NI01 connects the LV-7555 to your
computer network, enabling remote
management of the projector through a
simple, graphic user interface. This makes a
number of tasks easier, such as
programming for operation on a daily or
weekly schedule, input mode switching and
picture adjustment. Send status alerts via e-
mail. Furthermore, it offers remote transfer of
images, and centralized control of multiple
DVI Cable LV-CA29
Replacement Lamp LV-LP17
Ceiling Mount Adapter LV-CL07
Optional Projector Lenses for the LV-7555
The heart of any projector is its optics. Nearly 70 years of
expertise in designing and crafting precision lenses for
photography, broadcast TV cameras, and camcorders
goes into every lens we manufacture. Our projector lenses
deliver the industry’s widest zoom range (1.6x) and
incredibly short throw distances, and consistently
produce images with superior color and clarity. 
Molded Aspherical Lens
Helps produce a more vivid image by limiting distortion, astigmatism, and spherical 
aberration. Also reduces the number of lens elements required for clear projection. 
Ultra Low Dispersion Glass
Minimizes chromatic aberration, especially 
along the edges of the projected image, 
for clearer projection. 
Focusing Lens
Telecentric Lens
Compensator 1
Variator 1
Compensator 2
Compensator 3
Normally, a projector must be positioned far away from a screen to project a large
image. This is not the case with Canon projectors. They feature wide-angle zoom
lenses, allowing you to achieve big, vibrant images from as little as 8.2 feet (2.5 m),
making them ideal for a small conference room or a home theater.
Benefit From Our Optical Experience
* LV-7215, LV-7210, and LV-5210 models only.
100" Display
8.2' Throw Distance*
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