Bewan Powerline E200 Trio BWPLC-E200PTRIO Folheto

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Very high speed 
Bewan Powerline E200
A fully plug-and-play installation
To connect two devices via a network:
Step 1: connect each Bewan Powerline  
 adapter to one device.
Step 2: plug the adapters.
Step 3: Press the button... 
It’s as simple as that! Pressing the Simple 
 button automatically enables the 
security feature which encrypts data sent 
over the network for maximum confi den-
The perfect accessory for a DSL, 
Femtocell or Cable modem
The Bewan Powerline E200Plus can be 
used to connect a DSL, Femtocell or Cable 
modem to a set-top box, whilst managing 
Quality of Service (QoS).
A very high speed PLC adapter for creating
a multimedia network in minutes.
The Bewan Powerline E200
 is a PLC
 adapter that instantaneously
transforms a home or offi
  ce’s power network into a high-performance
multimedia network. Wherever their hardware is located, your subscribers will
no longer need cables or Wi-Fi to connect a computer, modem, set-top box, 
webcam, printer or games console.
With the Simple Connect button, installing and securing a local network using 
the Bewan Powerline E200
 is child’s play! Communications between several 
PLC adapters are synchronised and encrypted automatically, with no software 
to confi gure. The gross transfer rate of 200 Mbps
 off ers the ideal bandwidth 
for multi-play applications such as HDTV over IP, telephony over IP, music and 
broadband Internet.
Finally, by off ering your subscribers Bewan Powerline E200
 adapters as a 
complement to the Bewan iBox A5200, Femtocell and C5200 DSL, Femtocell 
and Cable gateways, you can create a remote diagnostics service with the PLC 
With Simple Connect, press the button and the network is ready to go!
•  Remote diagnostics
•  Uses power network
•  Simple Connect button
•  Ideal for HD Audio and Video 
•  Transfer rate up to 200 Mbps
•  Connects to all Ethernet
•  Quality of Service (QoS)
management for triple-play 
•  Compatible with PC/Mac and all 
operating systems