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EPSON ActionNote 650
System speed
Video RAM
Shadow RAM
Supports shadowing of 128KB of system
and video BIOS ROM into RAM
Clock /
Real-time clock, calendar, and CMOS
RAM; backed up by internal battery
Diskette drive
Hard disk
Notebook Specifications
External VGA
CPU and Memory
Cyrix SL-enhanced Cx486DX2-50
microprocessor; includes built-in math
coprocessor, 8KB of internal cache, and
power management features; cache can be
enabled or disabled using the SCU
Maximum speed (50 MHz) and low speed
(12 MHz) available; speed selection
through keyboard commands
4MB RAM standard on the system board;
expandable to 8MB, 12MB, or 20MB using
a 4MB, 8MB, or 16MB memory module
128KB Flash ROM device containing the
system and VGA BIOS and System
Configuration utility (SCU) code
512KE DRAM supports resolutions up to
640 x 480 
in 256 colors on the color LCD
and up to 1024 x 768 in 16 or 800 x 600 in
256 colors on an external monitor
Chips and Technology® 32-bit local bus
interface to the microprocessor; supports
enhanced video modes on an external
monitor; supports resolutions up to 640 x
480 in 256 colors on the color LCD and up
to 1024 x 768 in 16 or 800 x 600 in 256
colors on an external monitor; display
mode selectable using the SCU or
Fn F12 
Built-in super I/O controller for one
internal 3.5-inch diskette drive; supports
720KB and 1.44MB formats
Built-in super I/O controller has interface
to one 2.5-inch long, 12.5 mm high IDE
internal hard disk drive; drive
compartment can accommodate drives up
to 19 mm high by removing spacer
Built-in controller for PCMCIA version
2.1, Type I, II, or III cards; supports up to
two stacked Type I and Type II cards or
one Type III card; JEIDA 4.1 compatible;
supports standby and suspend modes;
supports hot insertion (including ExCA
15-pin, D-sub, female connector for analog
Centronics® compatible; 25-pin, D-sub,
female connector; supports normal (S-bit
AT compatible, unidirectional) and
bidirectional (16-bit PS/2 compatible)

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